Jan 14 • 5M

ATL Housing Market: What can we expect in 2023 and beyond?

Atlanta Real Estate Report by ATLsherpa

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The Atlanta Real Estate Report by ATLsherpa is a podcast & companion website for those interested in the Atlanta real estate market. This includes individual buyers, sellers and investors. It also includes architects, builders, developers, lenders, realtors and urban planners; anyone involved with the local real estate ecosystem.

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In this episode…

NOTE: This podcast consists of four separate segments and each has its own audio recording. The audio players appear under their respective segment headings. The length of the audio recording appears in brackets below. This post serves as an outline for the entire podcast and is integral to discussion.
  1. Secular View: BUY ATL! [18:59]

    1. Atlanta Gentrification Map

  2. Single-Family Homes: The “crown jewel” of residential real estate in the ATL [29:32]

    1. Cautionary Notes

    2. Demand Pull Forward: Newton’s Third Law of Motion

  3. Cyclical View: Bubblicious [22:25]

    1. Demand Pull Forward in the local housing market

    2. The Fed Factor (still weighing on the markets)

    3. Wealth Effect

    4. Home Prices Roll Over

  4. What can we expect in 2023? [17:37]

    1. Lance Lambert — Fortune (interactive map)

    2. John Burns — John Burns Real Estate (real estate cycle)

    3. Ali Wolf — Zonda Home (deep dive into RRE industry)

    4. Sheryl Palmer — Taylor Morrison (housing recession)

    5. Jeff Blau — Related Companies (Office of the Future, zombie buildings, etc.)

    6. Jonathan Gray — Blackstone (Univ of Cal $4B investment in BREIT)

To sum it up in two words: BUY ATL! (photo by ATLsherpa)

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