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Understanding the Housing Sector Ecosystem

Understanding the Housing Sector Ecosystem

Wall Street Meets Main Street, Part 3

This segment first appeared in the 12/30/22 episode of the Atlanta Real Estate Report…

Let’s look at some publicly-traded companies in the housing sector…

Publicly-traded companies are the “fulcrum” between Wall Street and Main Street. They allow us to participate in the long-term growth of the real estate industry with a much lower investment than owning real property directly — and, in the case of rental property, with less headaches. They also allow us to focus our investment capital on very specific sectors and segments of the industry.

> > > Click on the company names below to access their investor relations pages…
Keep in mind that this a small sample of the PUBLIC companies that operate in the real estate industry. As such, they are some of the largest in their respective categories. These are HUGE companies. There are also thousands of PRIVATE companies (typically much smaller) that also contribute greatly to the real estate economy, especially in the way of builders, brokerage companies and mortgage companies.
Clicking on the company names will take you to their investor relations pages. Look for press releases, investor presentations, conference calls and webcasts.
The names listed under “Home Builders” and “Banks” are the Top 10 publicly traded companies operating in the Atlanta region for their respective categories. Note that these rankings may change from year to year.

The real estate “ecosystem” is dynamic and really interesting…

> > > Click on the images below to enlarge the charts…
This slide describes the Hoya Capital Housing Index. Note the four subsectors of the housing industry and their weighting in the index. Source: Hoya Capital — Chart provided for educational purposes only
This slide shows the a collection of companies that make up the RE Tech Ecosystem. Note the nine business segments represented. Source: Hoya Capital — Chart provided for educational purposes only

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