Mar 18 • 15M

Taking a sip from the Wall Street “Fire Hydrant”

Wall Street Meets Main Street, Part 5

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This segment first appeared in the 12/30/22 episode of the Atlanta Real Estate Report…

Taking a sip from the Wall Street “fire hydrant”

  1. Earnings announcements

    1. Impact

      1. Announcements impacts stock prices in the short term

      2. EPS growth rate (predictablity and sustainability) impacts price in the longer term

    2. Investors focus on…

      1. Reported vs Expected (Concensus) — by “The Street”

      2. Guidance — provided to Wall St analysts by company management

  2. Financial Statements

    1. Quarterly

    2. Annual

  3. Investor Relations

    1. Earnings Calls (live + recorded)

    2. Investor Presentations

  4. Research Reports

    1. Wall Street Analysts

      1. Company and industry / sector specific

      2. Strategy (asset allocation, market outlooks, etc.)

      3. Economic forecasts (consumer spending, etc.)

      4. Thematic (innovation, etc.)

    2. Company-sponsored content

    3. Third-party (Market Watch, Seeking Alpha, etc.)

  5. Financial journalism

    1. Barron’s, Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, etc.

      1. Free vs. subscription-based

    2. Bloggers, vloggers & podcasters

  6. Social media

    1. Twitter — preferred platform for journalists

    2. YouTube — long-form content; interviews